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About us

“There's no such thing is aging, but maturing and knowledge. It's beautiful, I call that beauty.”
- Celine Dion 


BerryFirst commitment to good health

Our aspiration to bring back "beauty" (as Celine Dion nicely defined) from nature to everyone in the world who wants to age gracefully and happily accompany their children's growth, is at the core of our commitment to meet and exceed our own rigorous product standards.


BerryFirst delivers quality dietary supplements

Our primary goal is to bridge the gap between the most current scientifically proved formulas and their application in everyday natural health practices through quality nutraceutical products.


Purity is key to our dietary supplements

Our priority is to use third-party-tests to test each raw material and finished product lot for purity, identity and potency, without exception.


BerryFirst is setting the bar for the highest standards in manufacturing of supplements

BerryFirst is setting the bar for the highest standards in quality assurance and good manufacturing practices.


We're in business to to improve the quality of human life by empowering people to look and feel youthful and vibrant at any age. 


BerryFirst’s Story

Our co-founders, a top research team composed of experts in anti-aging pharmacy and nutrition as well as anti-cancer medicine, knew that taking certain good nutraceuticals was the key to maintaining a youthful and vibrant life a busy midlifer needed. Nutraceuticals not only supplement midlifers' diet but also assist in boosting their energy or preventing aging-associated diseases. Over more than a decade, after a number of trials, failures, and experimentation, the team found that local subarctic berry and fruit-based formulas – like Saskatoon berry, highbush cranberry, low-bush blueberry, buffaloberry, chokecherry, and more – had unique medicinal value helping midlifers come out feeling and looking much better than any natural products they’d tried. Yet, a person could never eat enough fresh berries as needed everyday. Although there were a number of berry-based vitamin products in the market, they couldn’t find a product that used subarctic berries that delivered the best nutraceutical ingredients midlifers needed to maintain their vitality and avoid diseases. Our founding researchers knew the extremely high nutritional and anoxidant medicinal value in super cold-hardy plants was the key to midlifers' healthy life. That’s why they developed the first ever Saskatoon berry-based product for midlifers.

The team initially formulated several subarctic berry-based functional products for themselves, their friends and families and received very encouraging health results. With the roots of wisdom our co-founding researchers established, BerryFirst was launched in 2016 to research, formulate and manufacture specialized antioxidant and anti-aging products based on Saskatoon berry and other super cold-hardy fruits and plants. 

The story of Berry First
Investing in a wide range of technologies to help produce pure supplements
Our team is dedicated to deliver quality health supplements

How We Got Here

Now, several business leaders and natural health scientists have joined the BerryFirst board including Managing Director Irene Seiferling, a respected business entrepreneur and corporate governance expert. The former GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) Quality Assurance Specialist Ashwin Narotam is our current Head of Quality. We are steadily growing to provide our clients with high quality nutraceutical products in anti-aging and anti-disease areas.

We use most-advanced science and technology to utilize nature (subarctic plants) so we can live younger and healthier, and help people to strengthen their immune system and prevent several aging-related diseases. The effects of BerryFirst’s products have been proved by consistent lab results through the rigid scientific procedure, and highly recognized by our clients.

Advanced health medicine lab
Our advanced lab is producing pure health supplements
High standard natural supplements
100% organic supplements

The products use local subarctic plants and are close to 100% organic. Our products meet and exceed Canadian Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMP), Health Canada regulations, FDA regulations, and the highest nutraceutical quality standards anywhere. BerryFirst products particularly appeal to men and women at any age who need effective natural health products to enhance their health, maintain their youthful vibrancy, and prevent diseases.

Community Involvement

Our human business model reflects our desire to contribute to the health and wellness of people and their families and the world. We have a strong presence in communities, and our employees have the unique expertise, knowledge and passion to address important community needs in health and wellness. We invest financial resources, dedicate the skills of our employees, and develop community partnerships to empower people to lead healthier and happier lives through our public health lecture series and community volunteer and philanthropic programs.

Community Involvement
Berry First and the environment


BerryFirst is conscious of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. With respect to production, packaging, and distribution, we adhere to Health Canada's Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) and FDA regulations. All bottles and packing material used for BerryFirst products can be recycled.

Purity and potency of the products

BerryFirst adheres to the highest standards for product purity, potency and accurate label claims. We are proud of our products being Canadian sourced, Canadian researched, and Canadian manufactured. Our priority is to use third-party-tests to test each raw material and finished product lot for purity, identity and potency, without exception. All our products meet and exceed our own rigorous product standards and are approved by Health Canada.

Purity and potency of the BerryFirst products
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